A Fun Creative Valentine’s Day Idea

Infuse this Valentine’s Day celebration with a bit of creative fun!

Balloon Pop
It’s not too late to plan this super fun way to spend the day focused on building intimacy between you and your wife. (Of course, wives can use this idea too!)

What you’ll need for this romantic idea: a sheet of cardboard or piece of foam core board (part of a cut-open box works fine for this), a dozen balloons (I suggest red, white and pink, in keeping with the colors of the occasion), and a dozen of something that can fit inside a balloon (see below for lots of ideas).

A Dozen Intimate Somethings

What you put into the balloons is totally up to you, but you want them to be things that say “I love you” to your spouse.

It can be a dozen fun/romantic activities written on little notes, a dozen love-coupons, or even a dozen little gifts, or any combination of these. Of course most gifts won’t actually fit inside the balloon, so instead, put something small representing the gift, a clue to where the gift is hidden or even just a piece of paper with a picture of it – use your imagination. Imagination is the key! Another idea is to put “conversation hearts” into the balloon and let each prompt a conversation about why you chose that particular saying.

I found it fun to mix it up and include some fun activities (like going to a romantic movie or a walk), some little gifts (like a box of chocolate covered cherries – her favorite), a poem I wrote, and some romantic activities (like a massage for her).

Make the Balloon Board

Whatever dozen things you decide to use as part of this little game, you’ll need to figure out what can actually go inside the balloons. Stretch the mouth of the balloon open and push the item into the un-inflated balloon, then blow it up and tie off the balloon. Mount the balloons by cutting small x’s in the heart-shaped board around the heart pattern (pictured right) and pushing the stem of the balloon through. You can also use thumbtacks or push pins.

[Note: you don’t have to use a heart-shaped board or pattern, but it’s  a nice touch. If the thought of trying to draw a heart that isn’t lopsided will keep you from doing this, it’s fine to just use a square.]

You can also add your own flair to this by decorating the cardboard in some meaningful way: pictures, sayings, Vday decorations, wrap it in red foil or whatever. Again, use your imagination.

Start Poppin’

Present the board to your love along with a pin or something else sharp enough to pop the balloons. There are several fun ways of playing the game. The great part is that you get to make up the rules!

If you want the balloons to be popped in a certain sequence, number them with a permanent marker. If you want it to be a total surprise have her approach the board blindfolded and see if she can pop one. You can raise the suspense level and say she’s only allowed to pop one balloon per hour, stretching the game out all day long. When I did this for Jenni a few years ago, I let her choose which balloons to pop at random, but we stretched it out through much of the day.

The whole point of this game is to make your wife feel loved, cherish and adored in a way that builds connection and intimacy. Relax and have fun with it, but make sure she knows how much you care for her.

If you end up giving this one a try, I’d love to hear back from you how it goes!

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The origin of this post is one I wrote in January 2012 for my Journey to Surrender blog.

15 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Add Fun to Your Marriage

When was the last time you and your spouse had fun together? Plan in some fun today!Fun!

Has your marriage ever hit the doldrums? It happens to almost every marriage at some point. You fall into comfortable routines. You get distracted with the busyness of life. Stress steals your energy and focus. But hey, you figure you can work on your marriage later, when things aren’t so crazy or difficult.

Let me encourage you not to buy the lie of “later.” Because when later never comes along, you can wake up one day and find that you and your spouse are little more than excellent roommates.

Choose Your Path Daily

The truth is that your marriage is on one of two paths: the Path of Intimacy or the Path of Separation. You and your spouse are either growing together or growing apart. There is no middle ground.

What does it take to keep on the Path of Intimacy? Well, it actually takes less than you might think. Mostly, it just requires paying attention and staying off of auto-pilot. You can keep growing closer with the smallest of intentional actions, done on a daily basis.

One of those intentional actions is to add a regular dose of fun to your marriage.

Finding Fun

Adding fun to your marriage doesn’t have to be a huge burden. Fun does not need to be expensive or time-consuming. Below is a list of easy ways to interject additional fun into your everyday routine:

Laugh Together – rent a funny movie, listen to some (clean) comedy, or search YouTube for funny clips together. We like the YouTube comedy channel called “Kid Snippets” from the folks at Bored Shorts. A few fun marriage-related skits are Marriage Counseling , Marriage Problems, and Wedding Jitters.

Food Fun – Try out some new or exotic foods, cook a special meal together, or have a bed picnic. If you are both foodies, watch a show on the Food Network.

Fun & Games – Jenni and I really enjoy playing games together. Try out different games until you find a few that you both consider fun. Two of our favorites are Carcassonne  and Can’t Stop , because they both work great with two players and we are empty-nesters.

Fun Tunes – Buy a few songs or an entire CD of an artist you both really like. Queue the tunes up on a decent sound system, grab glass of wine (or other favorite beverage) and sit together to listen through the songs. Talk about which tracks you like best and why.

Bedroom Fun – There are dozens of ways to add fun into your sex life. For example, try out a new position, a new location or something else you’ve never done before. If something doesn’t work out quite as you planned, laugh it off and scratch it off the list. If you both enjoy it, add it to your sexual menu. Need some new ideas? Try “101 Nights of Great Sex“, full of sealed secret seduction scenarios, 50 for him to do for her and 50 for her to do for him.

Spiritual Fun – Yes, there is such a thing a spiritual fun! We love going to worship concerts. Sign up for the mailing list of your favorite worship groups to find out when they are coming to town. While many of the Christian movie productions are too poorly produced or too trite and cheesy for my taste, there are a few that are very worthwhile. (Sorry, I don’t make movie recommendations, because tastes vary too greatly!). Talk about the movie afterward.

Date Night Fun – Take turns planning date night surprises for each other. Or plan something together using this list or pick something from your “fun box” (see below).

Sleeping Fun – Try sleeping in a different room of the house. Switch sides (or ends) of the bed for a night. Have a backyard camp out.

Kissing Fun – See my last post  for a dozen great kissing ideas. Take the 10 minute make-out session challenge in that post. I dare you!

Gaze at Beauty – Beauty feeds the soul. We love the mountains, though we don’t get there often enough. Maybe you have a local park or botanical garden that will do the trick. Go for a hike if you have a nice place to trek close by. If you find city-scapes beautiful, seek out special locations from which to view your city.

Surprises – Surprises are great fun for most people. Bring home a favorite dessert for you to share. Buy your spouse a new scent. Write a love note and stash it where your partner will find it later. It takes more planning, but kidnapping your spouse for an overnight getaway creates a lasting fun memory.

Get Physical – Have a pillow fight or wrestle together on the bed. Go for a long walk. Rent a tandem bike or kayak. Doing something that requires physical exertion has double benefit of being good for your body as well as good for your relationship.

Family Fun – If you have kids, let them in on the fun too, though it is good for the two of you to have fun alone together as well.

Fun Friends – Are there another couples that you always laugh with when you get together? Plan a double date with them or invite them to dinner.

Be Sporty – If there is a sports team that you both follow, watch a game together, or even better, if time and money allow, go to a game together. Even better than watching a sport is to do one together. Golf, tennis and biking are great couple sports.

Making it Happen

So there you have a bunch of fun ideas – no more excuses! The possibilities are endless! But how do you make it actually happen?

First of all you have to agree together to make fun a priority. Next, you need to get specific about it. Put a plan in place. Maybe you can have a designated night of the week that is “fun night.” You could take turns planning fun activities or plan them together. If weekly is too much, put a few days a month on the calendar, and decide what you are going to do.

Another idea is to create a giant fun list then put each fun activity on a separate slip of paper and put them all in a jar or box – a fun box, if you will. When fun night comes around, pick one of the slips at random and do what it says.

However you decide to do it, do it! Be intentional about adding fun to your marriage.

Add your own fun ideas to my list. Leave a comment.

Note: this post contains some affiliate links that support this ministry.