Intimacy Assessment for Husbands


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For each question below, choose the answer that most closely describes the current situation in your marriage.

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Do you and your wife get time alone together to talk and connect every day?
Do you and your wife kiss much?
How often do you and your wife pray together out loud  (excluding dinner time prayers)?
Are you and your wife aware of each other's expectation of "normal" sexual frequency?
When you get stressed, how well are you able to stay engaged with your wife and connected emotionally?
Do you consult your wife before making any large purchases?
How often do you give your wife a sincere compliment about her appearance?
Do you feel comfortable talking to your wife about anything?
Are you and your wife “on the same page” spiritually?
Who does date night planning?
How often do you give your wife non-sexual touches with the expectation of receiving sex in return?
Do you talk regularly about our relationship, where things are going well and where things can improve?
How do you handle finances?
How often does your wife have an orgasm during lovemaking?
To what extent do you feel your wife trusts you?
How frequently do you talk with your wife about what is going on in your spiritual life?
How freely do you share your hopes and dreams with your wife?
What usually happens when you feel disrespected by your wife or you are sexually dissatisfied?
Do you know what makes your wife feel most loved?
Do you go on dates?
When it comes to improving your marriage…
How comfortable are you leading your family spiritually?
How are you doing in the romance department?
When you have a conflict or disconnect, how do you get things back on track?
Do you and your wife have shared hobbies and/or recreational interests?

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